Welcome to my little corner of the world - full of bears, pincushions and everything in between.... Luann “Lulu” Bowen Bears, Animals and Gollies   Pincushions, Needlebooks, and Miscellany Lulu Bears I am working toward having new pieces available on an ongoing basis, though, we all know how the best plans can quickly go astray. Click on the link to see the pieces I have available at this time. Perhaps something will peak your interest, and make it’s way to your home.  At the very least,  I hope they bring a smile to your day. Sewing items can be so alike, yet so different.  I love to work on new and different ideas, always trying to make each piece individual, yet still useful on an everyday basis.  Look around, and maybe you’ll see something that tickles your fancy. I’ve been making bears for a number of years now, and have slowly added new animal designs, as well as the occassional gollies.  I enjoy making pincushions, as well as other sewing items. I love a challenge and I am always working on new ideas and designs.  The best part is when it all comes together as a finished piece. ®